Saturday, May 3, 2008

Settings Check - Outlook Express

Settings Check - Outlook Express

Folks, here are some things that will help you maneuver a bit easier in Outlook Express.

HTML - this ensures you can see graphics and makes your pastes line up a bit better.

Check your settings:


At the bottom there are two boxes...make sure HTML is checked for each of them.

Organizing your messages

Messages in your room can be sorted by date or person sent (among others).

Here’s what I find easiest to maneuver:

Current View
View all messages
Group Messages by conversation

On the top of the area where the messages are listed, you can select the sort criteria by clicking on the grey bar.

I choose sent (it adds a little arrow in the box). Then, my messages are in order of when they arrived. (clicking it a second time will change whether they are earliest or most recent on top).


Outlook Express

Reply Group – this means you are replying to a message within the Newsgroup.
Reply – You are replying to the individual’s Newsgroup…Do not use
New Post – you are starting a new thread; this is appropriate for assignments in your ING


If you have your Newsgroups set up to fully synchronize, the messages will fully download each time.

Highlight the Newsgroup name
Right click your mouse
Move down to Synchronization Settings and select Synchronize All

Whenever you want to update your messages and posts:

Synchronize All

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