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Understanding and Using the Internet

Understanding and Using the Internet

Are you ready to play the Understanding and Using the Internet Quiz? If you answer all of the questions correctly you will be an official "Certified Internet Guru". Choose the Play Quiz in Easy, Medium, or Hard. There are three separate quizzes for easy, medium and difficult level questions that may be selected.
General Tutorial Sites
American Libraries Association (ALA) is a collection of tools which will help you know, use and organize information. It may help all ages, not just adults.
Internet Detective Internet Detective is an online tutorial for internet basics. You register and go at your own pace. Each section is monitored and you may return as needed. Tests are given as each section is completed.
Librarians' Index to the Internet;searchtype=subjectInternet Guides, Tutorials and Training Information
Special Libraries Association Toolbox Special Libraries site has organized its resources into subject areas.

Academic Institution Tutorial Sites
University of California Tutorial is more than can be absorbed at one time, but is a well-organized source of teaching tutorials on finding information on the Internet. Highly recommended either in part or as a whole.
Texas Info Literacy Tutorial is a fun to use site which has to be experienced to be understood. You can choose either full TILT with plug-ins, or TILT light, which is faster.
James Madison U: Madison has one of the best known academic sites. It is often mentioned by other colleges and universities as a good site to use, particularly for distance learners..
net-TUTOR -Ohio State University
University of Iowa Science Information Literacy Initiative

Other Tutorial Sites
Tutorial Finder This commercial site has a variety of programs listed to help you find information on any topic from cooking to sports, in a tutorial format. Computers are heavily featured.
Goddard Spaceflight Center, National Aerospace and Space Administration is a source of technical and aerospace information provided by NASA.

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